Olivier Dubrunfaut

  Assistant professor at UPMC Univ Paris 06 
  Phone: +33 1 69 85 16 75
Present activity at LGEP:

Member of the research group “Materials and Devices: from Microwave to the Infrared” (MDMI).


Engineer degree and Master degree in Electronics, UPMC
PhD degree in Electronics, UPMC

Research interests:

Material broadband characterization: permittivity, permeability, and conductivity measurements in closed space (40 Hz – 40 GHz) and free space (2 – 18 GHz).
New broadband characterization method to study batteries.
Electromagnetic sensors.

Some recent publications:

1. A. F. Dégardin, X. Galiano, A. Gensbittel, O. Dubrunfaut, V. S. Jagtap, A. J. Kreisler, "Amorphous Y–Ba–Cu–O oxide thin films: Structural, electrical and dielectric properties correlated with uncooled infrared pyroelectric detection performances”, Thin Solid Films (2013) http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.tsf.2013.10.103.

2. K. A. Seid, J.–C. Badot, O. Dubrunfaut, M.–T. Caldes, N. Stephant, D. Guyomard, B. Lestriez, “Multiscale electronic transport in LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2: a broadband dielectric study from 40 Hz to 10 GHz”, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 15, 19790–8 (2013).

3. B. Jannier, O. Dubrunfaut, F. Ossart, “Application of microwave reflectometry to disordered petroleum multiphase flow study”, Measurement Science and Technology, 24, 025304–12 (2013).

4. M. H. Belyamoun, O. Dubrunfaut, S. Zouhdi, “Dynamic homogenization of split–ring metamaterials by Floquet–Bloch decomposition”, Applied Physics A, 109, 1043–51 (2012).

5. J.-C. Badot, O. Dubrunfaut, “Evidence for transition from polaron to bipolaron conduction in LixCr0.11V2O5.16: a dynamic study from 10 to 1010 Hz”, J. of Sol. State Chem. 184, 3pp. 208-15 (2011).

6. J.-C. Badot, E. Ligneel, O. Dubrunfaut, D. Guyomard, B. Lestriez, “Multi-scale description of the electronic transport within the hierarchical architecture of a composite electrode for lithium battery”, Advanced Functional Materials, 19, 2749-58 (2009).