Facilities available in the Team

The available experimental platforms concern thin film technology, materials characterization for microwave or infrared devices, and modeling.

Thin film deposition:

  • Hollow cathode DC sputtering unit
  • Thermal annealing furnaces
  • Rapid thermal annealing unit

Materials characterization:

  • Optical interferometric profilometer*
  • Fourier transform infrared / far infrared spectroscopy set-up*
  • Bench for electrical transport measurements in the 77-300 K temperature range

* shared with other Teams

Film structuration and device integration:

  • Laminar flux hoods
  • Ultrasonic bonding*
  • Substrate scriber (micrometre resolution)

* Shared with other Teams

Microwave measurements:

  • Microwave coplanar waveguide probing station

Radiation detector characterization:

  • NIR to FIR test benches
  • Femtosecond laser 800 nm source
  • Solid state THz source
  • Blackbody source
  • Power meters, laser beam profile analyser
  • FIR filters and interferometers
  • Micropositioning equipment
  • Digital and analog oscilloscopes
  • RF signal generators
  • Spectrum analyzer (up to 20 GHz)
  • Low noise preamplifiers
  • Lock-in amplifiers (up to 250 MHz)


  • Mathematical (Matlab®, Mathematica®)
  • Microwave simulation (COMSOL Multiphysics®, CST Microwave Studio®)
  • Instrumentation software: LabView®