Olivier Meyer

   Assistant professor at UPMC Univ Paris 06
   Phone: +33 1 69 85 16 75
Present activity at LGEP:

 Head of Team “Complex materials” within MDMI Group, in charge of "Process control: Interaction with biological matter" in the MDMI group “Materials and Devices: From Microwave to the Infrared” (MDMI) research group.


 Master of Science Degree in Electronics, Speciality in Microwaves and Optoelectronics.
PhD degree in Electronics.

Research interests:

 Material broadband characterization: permittivity, and conductivity measurement in closed space (40 Hz-18 GHz);
Microwave processing of materials; Microwave interaction with biochemical molecules;
Numerical inversion methods.

Some recent publications:
  1. C. Gilbert, O. Meyer, Enzymatic Acetylcholine Hydrolysis Modification by High Voltage and Fast Rise Time Pulsed EMW Using Dielectric Spectroscop, PIERS 2011, Marrakech, 20/03/11
  2. C. Gilbert, O. Meyer, Cast and accurate dielectric characterization technical to get various electrolytic parameters, PIERS 2011, Marrakech, 20/03/11
  3. C. Gilbert, C. Pareige, A. Fourrier-Lamer, F. Maurel, O. Meyer, Characterization of Acetylcholine Hydrolysis under Continuous and Pulsed Microwaves Radiation Using Broadband Dielectric Measurement PIERS 2009, Beijing, CHINA (23-27 March, 2009), Poster #3A8-1, Proceeding #3A8-1.
  4. H. Acikgoz, B. Jannier, Y. Le Bihan, O. Dubrunfaut, O. Meyer, L. Pichon, “Modeling of a microwave sensor for the determination of the proportion of fluids in a gas line”, IEEE trans. on Magn., 45 (3), pp. 1510-3 (2009).
  5. A. Fourrier-Lamer, M. Delmotte, A. Loupy, J.-C. Badot, R. Weil, O. Meyer, « Énergie d'activation de relaxation. Énergie d'activation de réaction chimique. Comparaison des énergies lorsque le dipôle électrique occupe le site réactionnel », Ann. Chim.-Sci. Mat., Vol 33, 4, p.271-292 (2008).
  6. O. Meyer, M. Delmotte, J-C. Lacroix, R. Weil, A. Loupy, F. Maurel, A. Fourrier-Lamer, “How broad band (from radio frequency to microwaves) dielectric parameters describe synthetic chemical reactions”, J. Phys. Org. Chem., 21, pp. 738-746 (2008).
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